Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our love of food

I'm going to ease into the blogging world with a simple post. When I think of the best food experiences I've had I immediately think of my honeymoon. Matt and I ate...and ate..and ate. Oh yes, and drank:) Here are just a few of the delicious foods we enjoyed in Quebec.

On our second day we ended up having lunch at a small pizzeria/cafe right in the middle of the lower city. We both had some of the best pizza. Matt was even so bold as to say it was comparable to the pizza he had in Italy. Thin crust, minimal sauce, melty cheese, basil, red pepper flakes and a little olive oil drizzled on top and voila! Now pair it with a nice cold Killians and you're in food heaven:).

I don't think we turned down dessert once while we were there. When asked if we would like dessert it was an immediate "Yes!" from us:) Up above is the best tiramisu I've ever had in my life, as short as it is. We've searched for tiramisu high and low to compare with it and have yet to find any.

We frequented a dessert shop called Gigi's. Here are a few of the treats we got. They were all small and simple but sometimes the best and most enjoyable things are!


  1. Who would have thought that a honeymoon in Quebec would be so full of memorable food?! Now I want to visit there.

  2. Allison! You have a blog!! This is exciting!! I want to eat all those things!