Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Have you made yourself an herb pot?

If not, get on it!!!
       I finished mine up on Monday. The chives and the mint came back from last year. The mint is planted in a separate pot embedded in the larger pot because of it's tendency to overtake wherever it's planted. I picked up some sweet basil, rosemary and parsley at Country Peddler on Monday morning. They were very healthy looking and at $2.69 a pop you can't go wrong.
      It's important to put herbs together that require the same amount of sun and water. I'd like to plant thyme but need a separate pot because they do better in dryer soil. I will transplant the rosemary in with the thyme because it also doesn't require a lot of water, as opposed to the others, who need the soil to be continuously moist.

Happy Herbing!


  1. I totally pronounce the H, in herb. The English language is so dumb. I'm a Word Rebel, join the fight!

  2. When did you become so knowledgeable about herbs? And ahem- Aunt Ally and Uncle Matt have been lazy about commenting on a certain baby neice's blog. No one reads my posts anymore!! :(

  3. I do read them! I'm sorry, I'm off to comment right now:)

  4. I need to put in a disclaimer- Mom helped with this. Otherwise if she reads this *hi mom* she'll be all, "hey, I did some of that too!"

  5. Allison get out of my head!!! ;-))