Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bridal Shower Cupcakes


They're done!!! It's such a good feeling when you've finished a job and you can sit down and relax knowing everything went well. I'd like to thank the weather for not being a pain in my butt. I was anticipating 85 degrees and muggy for today, but it's actually perfect weather for baking and icing. So here are some pics. There's no recipes really but I'll add little bits of information along the way.

In the end I had 45 cupcakes, 22 vanilla and 23 chocolate. There has to be a gadget or a tool that perfectly measures out cupcake batter. No matter what I do I never end up with 24. I'm always 1 or 2 short. Thankfully it's not a huge deal in this case because I only needed around  40. I think I will look for an ice cream scoop, you know the old fashion kind with the lever, and that should fix my poor judgement skills when it comes to measuring out batter.

I used a large star tip #1M for the frosting, which was colored with a little bit of buttercup yellow and a little bit of lemon yellow. For the cupcakes with small white flowers I used a small straight tip #5.

I used Wilton White Nonpareils with Wilton pearlized Sugar Pearls on about half of the cupcakes. Then on the ones with little flowers I used the nonpareils and put a Wilton pearlized Yellow Sugar Pearl in the center of the flower. They're really simple but I think they are dainty and cute:).

They'll be put on my cupcake stands for the shower. I'm really happy these things have gotten so much use since I bought them for our wedding. They've been at bridal showers, baby shower, going away parties, retirement parties.... these stands sure do get around. I just threw a few on one to take a picture to get a feel of what they'll look like.

Alright, let's do a little product test. This is the Martha Stewart cupcake holder. In a word, it's awesome. It holds 24 cupcakes, is very secure, has a handy little handle. I bought this one awhile ago at the Macy's Home Store (confession: I bought it on black friday at like 6 in the morning) and have used it a few times and really like it.

When making the cupcakes for my sisters baby shower I needed two but didn't buy another and just put the others in a box. Since these are for a friend and I won't be delivering them and they're going to be traveling a few hours I thought they should all be in a carrier. Well, Martha's is $25.00. So, I was cheap and bought a Rubbermaid one at Target on sale for $17.99. It's fine and all but I should have spent the extra $7 and got another Martha one. The Rubbermaid one doesn't feel as sturdy and there's not as much room for taller cupcakes, frosting-wise. Also the bottom cupcakes sit in a tin and I have a feeling it'll be difficult to get them out w/o touching the frosting because they sit so low.

So yea- if you're in the market for a cupcake holder, get the Martha Stewart one, it's cuter anyway. Or just call me and borrow mine.

Now who wants to come and clean my kitchen!!!!!!????

Please and Thank You :)


  1. by clean you mean lick the bowl and scrape any extra frosting out of the container as possible, i am your girl! they look delicious! i am helping throw a baby shower in august and all i keep saying is "if my sister-in-law was here we could have the cutest cupcakes ever". hmmmmm do you deliver???

  2. Tabitha! Container of frosting?! I'm insulted hahah. You know I whipped that frosting up myself.
    I miss you! I'm sorry that baby shower won't have awesome cupcakes:(. Tell the mom-to-be that for the mere price of my plane tickets her baby shower can be complete. Who's having a baby anyway?

  3. and those cupcakes were as delicious as they were beautiful ;) i had a sneaky suspicion they were created by you!

  4. "container" meaning the bowl that you had the yummiest frosting ever in that you slaved for hours to make so very delicious!!!! :)

    a girl i barely know. long story but me and 3 of my girlfriends are doing it. but i just found out that my best friend is prego!!! i am so excited!!! i miss you too! i couldn't imagine being any happier than i am now, except if you and matt were here...sniffle!!!