Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Treat Yourself!

Look at these cute cupcakes!

Black Forest Cupcakes

I filled 24 chocolate cupcakes with a cherry whipped cream. I just whipped up some cream and blended about 2-3 tbsp of cherry pastry filling into it. Make sure your filling doesn't have large chunks of cherry, you may want to chop it up some if it does.

I topped them with a creamy whipped frosting. A Swiss Meringue Buttercream frosting works well.

Some mini chocolate chips.

And a maraschino cherry that's been drained and patted dry with a paper towel.

They're so adorable!

Here's a photo of the center. These were best the second day, the cherry flavor had some time to seep into the chocolate cupcake.

How easy is that? I love the way they look almost as much as the way they taste :). Oh, and make sure to keep them refrigerated!


  1. I despise maraschino cherries but those are so cute!

  2. So does my mom! I ate hers for her:). You could put a normal cherry on top of them instead.

  3. Allison you make me want to live with you. They look delicious. I'm going to make them for Dominc's sleep over.

  4. Haha- Well, if you like to do dishes feel free to move on in!! I hope the kids like them:)

  5. Those are so cute! You said "how easy is that" like Ina Garten!!! haha Where do you get your piping bags?

  6. Oh no, does she really? Hah! I got some in a kit I bought at Marshalls and then I got a reusable one in a kit I got at Wegmans. I like the throw away ones better but it's nice to have the reusable ones so you don't have to keep buying more. You can get them at Joanns or on amazon.