Friday, October 14, 2011


That is something I am seriously lacking lately. I either can't even get up the energy to do something, or I do, and then get half way through it and fizzle out. So I apologize. I've been more uninteresting then usual lately- ha!

I thought I'd do a post on wreaths since I transitioned into Autumn...a month ago now (really I wanted to do this post earlier but the motivation thing..yea).

Here is my Autumn wreath. I made this one last year. I picked up the flowers and berries at A.C. Moore, along with a branch wreath all for about $20 (with a coupon, hello!?). The pine cones I just picked up off the ground for no $'s at all.

I had this wreath up for most of the summer. I assembled it in early spring but it got set aside and it didn't get hot glue gun'd(?) until July. I picked the flowers up from JoAnns, along with the branch wreath. I spent about $80 on that trip to JoAnns but I bought enough bases and flowers for 4 wreaths. So it works out to about $20 per wreath again.

Here are some links to other blogs with wreaths that are pretty adorable/awesome and include tutorials.

Moving on...

I know there are a lot of Trader Joe's fans out there. Have you heard the news!? That's right folks- Pittsford, NY is getting a Trader Joe's. It's a little south of Rochester, a mere hour and a half away. I'll confess, I'll probably make the trip out there every once in awhile. With the nearest one currently about 3 hours away I could not get on board. This seems much more doable/worth it though.

Estimates are late summer/early fall of 2012. Start saving your pennies now ladies for some major hauls at Trader Joe's! Okay, that was a bit much, sorry:).

Anyway, in honor of the up and coming T.J.'s here's a little taste. My mom brought this back for me when she went last month while they were at unassigned territory.

They were pretty awesome. I added chocolate chips to half of them and it added a little somethin' somethin'. I'm curious if this is a seasonal thing or they have them all year round because they would definitely be on my 'to buy" list.

This is making me want to take out the bunch I put in the freezer and eat one sitting:).


  1. Trader Joe's- really?!?! This is the first I'm hearing of it, so you're breaking the news for me. :) Very exciting! Two Buck Chuck and cheap fancy cheeses- here I come!!

  2. I've always heard good things about Trader Joe's, never been to one.