Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Don't Know What To Believe?

So I just gulped a Sencha Shot....I'm waiting for my belly fat to disappear...Oh wait, that's not how it works? Crap!

I saw this at Wegmans today and thought I would give it a go and then share it with you. I've made the mistake before of seeing something new and interesting at the store and being like, "Hmmm...I'll get 5 of these!" Only to get home, have one and wonder, "What was I thinking, this is disgusting."

We've all heard the numerous benefits of green tea- prevents cancer!, helps cholesterol levels!, aids in weight loss!, antioxidants!, fights free radicals! All very promising things. As to whether or not they are true, I can't say. Overall though, drinking this was not a particularly bad experience. In fact, it was even bearable enough that I'm considering making this an every other day thing. As for the benefits I'll get back to you when my belly fat has vanished (with the aid of some pilates unfortunately) and I have porcelain skin:).

I added maybe 2 tsp of honey to help it go down for the first time. And yes, I am crazy and googled "does honey counteract benefits of green tea". Hey, I'm not doing this for nothing! I couldn't find anything that said yes it does but I will probably wean myself off of it just in case. You could always drink it down and then have a teaspoon of honey as sort of an apology to your taste buds:). Kidding! It really isn't that bad. Pour it over ice and down the hatch it goes. 

One immediate result is that even though it's only been about 10 minutes I've noticed I'm feeling more energetic. I was dragging before I had it. It has 40mgs of caffeine per can. So not quite so much as a cup of coffee but enough to make a difference(enough to get me up off my butt to make dinner).

All in all, I would recommend this if you're looking to try something new that's easy and healthy for your body.

(I think it was $1.29 a can if you're wondering. Go Here for more info.)


  1. Does Arizona green tea count? Probably not because all the sugar in it is definitely adding to my stomach fat. But I drink A LOT of that every day. I tell myself it's almost like drinking water.

  2. Ha! Steph:) Matt said the same thing to me. He said I should just drink a ton of that(it definitely would taste a lot better). Sugar is my downfall, I looove it.