Monday, August 29, 2011

Cupcake Decorations

So I checked my e-mail this morning and had 2 mysterious e-mails to me, from me. I opened them and found 2 photos of cupcakes I made about a year and a half ago that I sent myself from my phone...about 3 months ago. Yes, I need a new phone.

So since I haven't had anything to post in a few days I figured I'd throw these up here.

These were for Megan's going away party. You know, the one she had pneumonia during and didn't come to? What a bum. Kidding!:)

Liane helped me make all the roses. We used the Sizzix Big Shot with the 3-D flower die for roses(we got it during black friday sales for a really good price). They were a bit time consuming to make, maybe 2 hours, but came out really cute and the time goes by fast when you do it with someone else. They are just glued to toothpicks and stuck in the cupcake. I love the blue color and the little non perils also:).


  1. Ah I remember when we made these!! They were super cute. :)

  2. i still have my little flower :)