Friday, July 15, 2011

Moonshine, White Lightning, Hooch... whatever you want to call it

I've neglected Mixed Drink Friday. Fridays have been very busy lately. Not to mention I've realized I drink too many calories. Got to keep...make that regain my girlish figure, you know?

Anyway, tonight it's simple, straight to the point. Wild Turkey American Honey Whiskey. I'm a bit to lightweight to drink straight whiskey and if you are too (or just don't enjoy having your throat burned), you have to try this stuff. You can literally see the honey swirling around in your glass. So delicious:).

Don't judge, we've had that bottle for a long time haha.

Also, this is very good if you put a splash (or two) into hot black tea with a bit of lemon juice for when you have a cold/sore throat. It really does wonders.  

Matt wants to get Whiskey Stones. They are a pretty neat-o invention. No one likes diluted whiskey.

Okay, this post has taken me way longer then it should have, Good Night.


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  2. I'm petty sure I've had my share out of that bottel :-)

  3. who's Fernando?? Anyways this is soooo good and I hate whiskey. Also delicious if you're a lightweight... Red Stag! It tastes like cherry but not too sweet.

  4. I have no idea? I think it was spam. There was a link to products for cold sores...I deleted it