Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blueberry Picking

So we didn't get the 75 degree, partly cloudy, breezy day that I had hoped for but berry picking was a success non-the-less. If nothing else I think hope everyone had a really good time! Here are some pics and I'm sure some blueberry recipes will be in this blogs future.

The babies did very well. They were all lathered up in sun screen and had their cute little hats on. From far away you'd think Liane and Steph were a couple of rough tough country women slinging their babies around the blueberry field. Then you'd get closer and hear them asking "When are we going to Dairy Queen!!!???" :) :)

Jen and her super awesome homemade berry fanny pack.

Liane had an interesting technique:) I didn't have the heart to tell her she ended up with smashed blueberries on her butt....Sorry Liane!

Kathryn off doing her thing. Somehow she ended ended up like a mile away in a matter of minutes. Perhaps she was escaping the certain odor that we all acquired within 5 minutes of being in the sweltering heat haha.

Yummy! They weren't the biggest blueberries I've seen but I'll tell you what, everyone I've eaten so far has been sweet and delicious.

Half way there!

Evie may or may not have been traumatized by the whole experience. She was one cranky baby on the way home. Maybe she didn't like the hairdo I gave her????

Besides grabbing handfuls and popping them like candy, I haven't made anything with them. But I did throw some in my oatmeal this morning with some brown sugar. It was so good. If you don't make your own oatmeal I encourage you to. It's really easy. These are Bob's Red Mill rolled oats from Weggies, in the natural/organic section. I love oatmeal and I feel better about eating it now that I make this because I can control the amount of sugar in it (I don't like plain oatmeal so there has to be something in it, usually a tsp or two of brown sugar) and then add extra of whatever I want. It seems more filling also. I cut the recipe in half that's on the back of the bag.


  1. Um yea- I'm mad at you all for not telling me I had a blueberry on my butt!! I didn't know until I got home and noticed a blue circle on my shorts... jerks!! ;) It was hot and I wanted to sit down, so there.
    Anyway, I laughed out loud at "homemade berry fanny pack." Win!

  2. hahaha jen's fanny pack was the best!

  3. Are my arms really that big or has this been reverse airbrushed?

  4. I had soooo much fun!! And I'm pretty sure Emma did too, especially once we sat in the shade :)
    Yea I planned on making lots of muffins and pancakes with mine but I've already eaten half of them. They're so good!!!
    Jen your comment made me laugh really hard.
    Oh and Kath and I did go to Dairy Queen. She's pregnant we HAD to!